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Bangkok the city of sky scrapers, massage centers, shopping destinations, night markets and much more. This city never sleeps, streets are always full of people, food and colourful tuk tuks moving around. Bangkok has a glorious palace and beautiful temples to visit. On my three day trip got massages, did shopping for 2.5 days and a half day sightseeing tour of Bangkok.

Places to shop in Bangkok

This is the most difficult part to decide as the options are too many and time is so little. Pack compact and less as when you will return your bags will be full, may be you may end up buying new bags as well.

Day 1 of shopping

Palladium night market

This was the best night market in Bangkok, tons of shopping options. Great clothing, good quality, superb prices, full value for money. I got t shirts, party tops, pants, shoes, shorts everything…

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